Inspired Execution is a podcast series where DataStax Chairman and CEO Chet Kapoor interviews technology leaders from global enterprises on their journeys to scaling multi-billion dollar businesses while inspiring their teams. You will hear their stories, their perspectives, and they will tell you what they wish they could’ve told the younger version of themselves, and much more.

Because every business must be a mobile-led business, an AI-led business, and a data-led business, Inspired Execution will focus on how to inspire transformation, overcome challenges and celebrate innovation by achieving this at scale.

Chet Kapoor

Chet Kapoor is Chairman and CEO of DataStax. Prior to DataStax, Chet served as the CEO of Apigee and took it public, prior to Google’s acquisition in 2016. He is a proven leader and innovator in the tech industry with more than 20 years of experience working with global enterprises.

Available Episodes

Aiaz Kazi

The Journey to Nirvana: Becoming a Platform Enterprise with Banco Santander CPO

With Guest: Aiaz Kazi, Chief Platform Officer, Banco Santander

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Fahim Siddiqui

Our Front Door is Our Mobile App with Home Depot SVP of Information Technology

With Guest: Fahim Siddiqui, SVP of Information Technology, Home Depot

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Rob Carter

Delivering the Total Package: How FedEx CIO Rob Carter Continues to Lead the Industry

With Guest: Rob Carter, CIO of FedEx, EVP of FedEx Information Services

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Chet Kapoor

Introducing... The Inspired Execution Podcast

With Host: Chet Kapoor, Chairman and CEO of DataStax

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Dev Ganguly
Coming October 6 E5

Going from 0 to 100 in 90 Days with Jackson CIO

With Guest: Dev Ganguly, SVP and CIO, Jackson

Edmond Mesrobian
Coming October 13 E6

Fashion Starts with Digital Transformation: Being a Change Agent with Nordstrom CTO

With Guest: Edmond Mesrobian, CTO, Nordstrom

Sorabh Saxena
Coming October 20 E7

Mobilizing Your World: Driving Innovation with AT&T Business EVP of Customer Service & Operations

With Guest: Sorabh Saxena, EVP, Global Operations and Services, AT&T Business, AT&T

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